Like working with a dedicated team of professionals

who know their way around the woods?

Look no further than,

Cooper Timber Harvesting, Inc.

Licensed, Certified, & Insured

 No Amateurs Here.....

Wayne R. & Essie E. Cooper began Cooper Timber in 1978

and have over 50 years' experience in the timber industry...

All supervisors are Master Logger Certified,

and are BMP trained. (Best Management Practices).           

Our office staff consists of Essie Cooper and Kelly Rice, and

is located in DeSoto County.

We are current long term members of the Florida Forestry Association

and Southeastern Wood Producers Association.

In 2006 Wayne was chosen Master Logger of the year for Florida

and runner up in 2007 for the regional Master Logger Title.

CTH has a Mack 10 wheeler with a loader to provide free* pick up of cut timber

from small job sites, home sites, construction sites etc.
*However, we do require a minimum of logs, in order to provide this free* service.

 If below the minimum there is a small pickup fee to offset fuel and labor expense.